Privacy Statement

CAR RENT MARKET Data Protection Policy

We require your name, phone number and e-mail address from you. This information helps us; making your reservation, when we need contact you in a case where we have an issue in preparing your request(s) or while confirming your reservation via e-mail. If you are a member of us, we use your membership number to link it with the information that we gather in our Main Customer Database, in order to speed up your booking process.

What information does CAR RENT MARKET gather?

IP Address: We save your IP Address, when you visit our website. This address only defines your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and does not contain any personal information about you. We use this information to track the source of the visitor profile of our website.

How does CAR RENT MARKET protect your information?

When security-required information such as credit card details etc. is needed, we use an encryption technology called Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Online Promotions

In case you attend to one of our contest in our website; if needed, we may require your personal information in order to inform you about the contest. We may need to notice you about a change in the rules and conditions of the promotion or contest in question. If a rewarding by 3rd party individuals is in question, the said information may be shared with the 3rd party for rewarding process.

Online Surveys

When you participate in an online survey, some demographic personal information such as, your age and/or your income may be required. You may prefer to give all the required information as well as not give any information at all. The results of these surveys will be used in improving the features and availability of our website.