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Reservation and Rental Terms


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-For economic group of vehicles, 21 years with 1 year driving license (for D, A, and E level vehicles),

-For middle group of vehicles, 24 years with 2 years driving license (for F, G, H, and K level vehicles),

-For upper group of vehicles, 28 years with 3 years driving license (for P, S, M and X level vehicles),


Depends on the rental and service requests of our customers; CAR RENT MARKET' Suppliers provide service with or without Chauffeur. CAR RENT MARKET is committed to respond to the requests of their customers, by the supplier offices throughout the country, with the CAR RENT MARKET quality assurance.


CAR RENT MARKET is deemed to have accepted the rental request of the Tenant once; CAR RENT MARKET is notified of the request and the payment process is done by the Tenant through the Website. After signing the contract in question with CAR RENT MARKET, the Tenant should also sign the principle contract with the supplier offices of CAR RENT MARKET and give the required indemnities to the offices in question.


The minimum duration of rental is 24 hours.


The right of unlimited use of the car in the matter of Kilometer and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) are included in the pricing all with the addition of 18% VAT. All the changes in VAT will be reflected directly in the prices. The following will not be included in pricing and will be charged separately; Fuel, Personal Accident Insurance, Theft Insurance, Discretionary Financial Liability Insurance, One-Way Fee, Delivery/Receive Fee, Baby-Seat Fee, Navigation Device, Additional Driver Fee, HGS (Fast Access Control System Card; For Toll Booths).

The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel as it has been received. If the vehicle is returned with the less amount of fuel or with an empty tank, the Fuel Difference Fee will be charged along with 10% Service Fee.


In case of a delay returning the vehicle; for per hour, 1/3 of the leasing price applied in the contract and for over 3 hours delay, leasing price for 1 day will be charged.


In following cases, the transaction of delivering and receiving the car is free of charge, depends on the availability of the office in question; if the transaction of delivery or receive will be done within the same borderline of the city, district, town, where the CAR RENT MARKET' offices are (up to 0-20 Km radius of the office). However, in the cities, districts and towns with no CAR RENT MARKET' office, the transaction of delivery or receive will be charged. For further information, please contact our Booking Center.


If the vehicle is returned back in a city other than the one that has been rented from, One-Way price will be applied, regardless of the leasing duration. For further information about the One-Way price, please contact our Booking Center.


For individual(s), other than the tenant; to be able to use the vehicle, their Driving License' details should be included in the Lease Contract as Additional Driver(s), for an extra fee. If a contrary situation is detected and/or in case of an any type of accident, all the Insurances will become invalid, both the Tenant and the Driver(s) in question will be held separately and jointly responsible. For further information and price details, please contact our Booking Center. The conditions for Additional Driver(s) are same with the ones that are listed under the title Minimum Age And License Period For Rental.


The total amount of the payment is received in cash and/or by Visa, Master Card (or one of other known credit cards) via mail order, during the booking process. In case the Credit Card holder is in the CAR RENT MARKET' Headquarters or in any of its office throughout the country, the payment would be received via credit card either by password or signature right after the written Lease Contract is signed.

From the credit card submitted by the customer, in addition to the rental fee, depending on the type of vehicle, minimum amount of 250 USD, may be more, the intake of deposit or blockade of pre-authorization will be performed by the office which provides the vehicle. Therefore the limit of the credit card should be available for the prices (total amount of rent and deposit) that are specified above. The amount of money that is kept or blockaded will be refund to your credit card account after the deduction of -if there are any- the fees for extra service, insurances, fuel, damage, traffic ticket fines etc.

CAR RENT MARKET is committed NOT to keep a track of the used credit card during the booking transaction. During the booking process; the rental fee is to be received by CAR RENT MARKET. However, if the customer wishes to extend the rental period, the customer is obligated to pay the extension fee along with the deposit fee and blockade of pre-authorization as stated above.


First of all, in order to able to do any purchasing within this website, you need to use a valid credit card with a certain balance limit. The paid fees during the booking process via website such as Vehicle Rental Fee and Deposit Fee also qualify as abandonment indemnity. Therefore, if the reservation, which you made via credit card through the website, is canceled within next 48 hours, the 20% of Vehicle Rental Fee and Deposit Fee, along with the other payments you have done will be kept by CAR RENT MARKET as the indemnity of your canceled transaction. Once the booking transaction is achieved, it is within the CAR RENT MARKET' right to keep the said percentage of the total payment. By making the booking transaction via this website, as a customer, you agree to the said conditions which are stated above. If there are VAT or Tax of any sort that are mandatory to be paid for the conventional penal, those payments must be made by the customer, as well. If you wish to modify your reservation, please look up to the alternative offers of our company about the prices and other details. It is entirely your own liability to make reservation via this website. Any wrong transaction during the purchasing or reservation via online system and whether you have a driving license or you do not, is your own liability, as well and by purchasing this service, you are committing to have the required physical ability and mental competence, both for the said transaction and the given service. Again, if you make a wrong reservation, purchasing or selection of criterion, and decide to cancel the transaction of rental in question or the already made reservation, 15% of all the payments by your side including Rental Fee and Deposit Fee along with other payments of any sort will be construed as the abandonment indemnity, and will be kept by CAR RENT MARKET.


Once the reservation is confirmed by you, a confirmation mail will be sent to your side and thus your reservation process will be confirmed and ensured by our company. Apart from that, if you have any additional request (Navigation, Baby-Child Seat, Chauffeur Service etc.) which you have not bought the online transaction but decided to buy afterwards, are not included in the first payment and will be invoiced to your side during the delivery of vehicle. It is required for you to check the transaction and contact our company swiftly for support, In case of any malfunction about booking process. Our company recommends you to read the contract which is to be signed by your side both during the delivery of vehicle to your side and through this website. Also, even though all the information could be seen on this website, they might be modified by the Renter time to time. Therefore, it is recommended for you dear customers to read all the information thoroughly within the contract and this website.


Cancelation of a reservation will be performed without indemnity of any sort provided that up to 48 hours prior to rental process. If the cancelation is to be performed less than 48 hours prior to rental process, 15% of the payment, with the condition of minimum equivalent of the price for one (1) day of rental, would be charged as the penal indemnity. Possible differences in payment will be refund to your credit card.


Even though, all kinds of security measures and precautions are taken by our side in order to ensure your safety on digital environment, for the transactions made by our customers through this website you are fully responsible of all possible issues that could arose by the use of your credit card. We hold no liability for any undone or incorrect transaction which might appear on your billing extract after your booking transaction through our website. While you are using our website, you are committing that you are fully responsible for any inconvenience and financial loss caused by lack of information on any documents or papers filled by your side. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to check all the documents during your rental process not only before, but also after you complete filling the said documents, as well.


Our company has taken all the precautions for your safety in the digital environment, during your transactions through our website. However, with the available technology at hand, there are no given guarantee by our side for any financial loss for the use of the said website, which is a website that is available for everyone, and therefore, will not be on the liability of CAR RENT MARKET Company and thus you are considered to have acknowledged that CAR RENT MARKET Company is not able to guarantee the absolute safety for your side and about the prevention of any leaking information to 3rd party individuals, during your visit and transaction through our website. Also, the document for booking and rental process that are available in this website are limited and you may receive further information from our rental offices. In a case, you decide that the provided information within this website is enough and you don't see it necessary to receive further information from our rental offices, CAR RENT MARKET will hold no liability for the possible downsides of this decision.

As CAR RENT MARKET we hold the right of closing down the online service system temporarily or permanently for any reason. CAR RENT MARKET Company will hold no liability for any issues caused by the said closing down, be it temporarily or permanently.

CAR RENT MARKET Company does not give any commitment on the following subjects;

-to give , flawless, safe, on time, service with absolute perfect results, any time under and under any condition,

-to respond to the expectations of every customer with absolute satisfaction.


Not applying the enforcements and procedures to someone at sometime, does not implies that we have waived that individual off of our procedures and does not mean that person is exempted of our rules.


Any type of liability and pecuniary penalty that caused by the violation of Traffic Law, belongs to the Tenant. In a case the vehicle is taken under hold by official authority for any reason, the duration of time under the hold will be counted within the duration of rental. All expenses for HGS (Fast Access Control System Card; For Toll Booths etc.) are to be meet by the Tenant. This fact expenses to afterwards of rental, too.




b-) The Tenant: the customer, the individual who requests the vehicle rental service from the supplier office via CAR RENT MARKET.

The tenant agrees to the situation that are listed as following, where he/she won't be able to use the rented vehicle.

· In transportation of all types of goods that are forbidden to be possessed by the Customs Legislation of Turkish Penal and Criminal Law, and other laws, or in any type of illegal situation,

· In pulling or pushing of a car or other moving or unmoving objects, in a transportation of any type of goods, other than the trunk of car etc., without the permission of the renter,

· In racetracks, rally ways, test roads, roads and places that are off limit to the traffic and places that are not suitable for driving (swamp, beach, mountainside etc.),

· In cases where the load limit prescribed by the laws of road traffic and the number of passengers on the transport of passengers and goods are exceeded,

· In cases, moving passengers or goods, both for Economic or non-economic onerous, or for any purpose, without any written or oral consideration,

· Tenant, without the written permission of renter, cannot rent, lease, assign or land the vehicle for use to the 3rd party individuals, for any reason.

· The rented vehicle(s) in question, cannot be taken out abroad, without the written permission of the renter,

· The Tenant is obligated to ensure the safety of the vehicle when (s)he is not driving the vehicle, by parking the vehicle locked and in a safe place, and is obligated to return the keys and license of the vehicle to the Renter, along with the vehicle. In case of a theft of the vehicle, if the vehicle is not found and the insurance of the vehicle does not meet the indemnity; The Tenant will be obliged to pay the current price of the vehicle, Rental Fee that is equivalent of 45 (forty-five) days; in case of any expense of damage and any missing parts or accessories caused by the thievery, the Tenant is also obliged to pay for parts/accessory replacement, labor costs, parking expenses during the maintenance, operating expenses etc. The Tenant is committed to meet the payments of the said expenses in the lump sum that are billed to them by the Renter.

· When returning the vehicle to the Renter; If the Tenant does not return the official documents/papers of the vehicle (License of the Vehicle, Number Plates of the Vehicle, if there are any; Receipt(s) of Traffic Fines and Payment etc.), along with the vehicle, The Tenant will have to pay the rental fee of the days that will past until delivery of the documents, as well the expenses to replace the missing documents .

· In case, the Vehicle is taken under hold by the competent authority for a reason that is caused by the Tenant; the expenses of any process for receiving back the vehicle will be met by the Tenant. The Tenant is also obligated to provide the Rental Fee that is equivalent of the time past under the hold.

· All expenses of periodic vehicle repair and maintenance, spare parts, replacement of oil and tire etc., as a result of regular use and wear /tear, belongs to the Renter. It is mandatory for the Tenant to inform the closest Office of CAR RENT MARKET and confirm with them, before any necessary maintenance or reparation on the vehicle. After the confirmation with the office; the Tenant is obliged to have the detailed bill(s) of the done treatment on the vehicle, on the Renter's name. The bill(s) in question will be refund to the Tenant, subsequently.

· All expenses as a result of a car accident or other irregular reasons for maintenance, reparation, replacement for spare parts, oil and tire, or if for any reason the vehicle is unable to move, the expenses for bringing the vehicle back to the Renter Office, as well as the financial loss of the time past during all the said processes, will be collected from the Tenant.

· The Tenant is also liable for the expenses of type of contamination that sizes in excess of the usual paint, bodywork, upholstery, etc. that occurred during the period of use, stains that require special cleaning and maintenance, etc.

· By signing this Lease Contract; the Tenant agrees to being the beneficiary of the vehicle during the rental period, in advance. The Tenant also agrees in advance; to being the liable person in any event due to any type of accident in which case tangible and intangible indemnities might be demanded by the 3rd party individuals by the Highway Traffic Law and in accordance with the relevant legislation which might be directed to the Renter; as well as having the responsibility of any criminal and civil procedure. The Renter, for any expense or/and financial loss that was needed to be paid to the 3rd party individuals as a result of any type of accident or event alike, has the right to recover the money from the Tenant in return.

· If the Tenant is in attribute of a company, they agree in advance; that the person signing the contract being authorized to represent the Company; and that the signature in the contract bounds the person to, of all criminal and civil liability might arise from the Lease Contract.

· The Tenant, cannot transfer and/or pledge; the rights arising out of this contract, any equipment or instrument of the vehicle and cannot use any of the mentioned points, to harm the Renter. Any contradiction to this commitment will give the Renter the right to terminate the contract, and demand the return of the vehicle in question.

· The Tenant must comply with the Highway Traffic Legislation. In case, the Personnel of the Tenant Company/Individual or the 3rd party individuals, which is against the conditions of this contract, violate the Highway Traffic Law or other related legislations that will result in traffic fines (even after the rental period) or other related expenses are in the absolute liability of the Tenant and thus, must be paid to the Renter.

· The Tenant agrees to the following points; Every request of edition, renewal and extension about the terms of rental contract and/or the rented vehicle(s) must be presented to the Renter in written form, and that possibility of all the mentioned points are subject to the approval of the Renter.

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